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How many calories does kettlebell training burn?

November 21, 2019

Hi Keith.
I want to first tell you that I love your videos. They are really fun and ass-kicking. Thank you for that!
I was wondering if you could tell me how many calories are burnt during the workouts because there’s such a wide range of opinions on this from what I have read on the net. Thanks so much for your time on this.

Hi Dee,

Thanks so much. This is a controversial question for sure but here is how I’ve figured it out. I’ve measured my heart rate during a fairly hard run, around a 7 min mile. It is usually around 160 bpm at this pace. It gets repeatedly at least this high during kettlebell training when I do the first video. So if a non-weighted activity like running can burns 975 calories in an hour for a 165 lb guy like me, I’m pretty sure that an hour of high-intensity KB training will burn close to that for sure. Especially if you consider the whole body nature of kettlebell training.

I have seen estimates much lower than that but what was the weight and what was the exercise selection? Most of the kettlebell workouts I’ve seen on the internet are less challenging compared to the Extreme videos so I could see how these would burn fewer calories. Kettlebell weight selection is also important. I think if a person is using a bell that makes it very difficult to make it to the end of each chapter with not much left, it has to be equivalent to running as far as calorie expenditure.

Finally, EPOC needs to be taken into consideration. This is a really good article on that topic httpsss://

I hope this helps and look forward to any other questions you might have.

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